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This blog is mostly Once Upon A Time, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Rizzoli & Isles, Orange is the New Black, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy, The Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings, with other fandoms sprinkled here and there.

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youre so pretty!!!! :D —Anonymous

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I just found your blog and i love it so much! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D —Anonymous

I'm sorry about your parents :( you don't deserve that —Anonymous

awww, thank you nonnie :) you’re really sweet. i’m good now though… i know my parents love me and i was just overreacting. tumblr’s my place to vent and sometimes i do that before i calm myself down from a situation. i’m good :)

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i love you, have hug <3 *hugs* —Anonymous



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you are such a whiny brat, wow. doing stuff for your parents is kinda part of the deal. lemme guess: they're paying for your college right? smh —Anonymous

you are not wrong

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*hugs* —Anonymous

awww *hugs*

Who are the badass women that inspire you? Lena Headey, who plays Cersei on Game of thrones.

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Lana "I can’t say" Parrilla

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But I’ve learned a lot from her and I’m proud of who she is, she takes responsibility for the things that she does wrong, she owes up to it, she takes risks and chances and she does possess this beautiful light magic […] and she sees what her ultimate potential is, and I think that’s something she wants to experience more.

You don’t know. You can never be sure, but you take the plunge anyway. Sure is for people who don’t love enough.

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